2019-10-01 Living with Cancer Day 937

Today was not a Good Day. I woke up to with a high fever of about 99.9F with a lack of energy. I stayed in bed because the temperature stayed around 99.9F. I did take my antibiotics medication at 9:00 as scheduled. For most of the time I dozed off. However, around 11:00 I got up and went downstairs. It was rather late for my morning pills, however I took them right after I was downstairs where they were located.

At noon, I watch the UEFA Champions League game, Bayern vs Tottenham game, which ended 7-2 for Bayern Munchen. Shortly after the game Dianne came by and took me to Shutter Delta Medical Center for type and cross for a blood transfusion.

After getting back home, I rested since I still was exhausted and low on energy. The rest of the late afternoon and evening was spent resting and dozing on and off before dinner and watching some TV before calling it a day.