2019-10-02 Living with Cancer Day 938

Today was yet another Bad Day. I again slept in until 8:00, had a light breakfast, took my medication, dressed up for my bone marrow test, which was scheduled for 11:00. Since I had still had lots of time before the boon marrow procedure, I retired in my recliner only to doze off. Dianne woke me up just in time to go to the cancer center for my bone marrow appointment. Before starting the procedure, my blood was drawn for a CBC table, the result was as expected that my platelets were very low, with a count of 37.

The bone marrow procedure was not too bad, there was only one instant the was painful for about a minute, otherwise the procedure was OK. Because my CBC counts were down I got an injection to boost my white blood cell count before going home. I will get the same injection the next two days in the morning.

Being back home I needed to relax as the blood draw, bone marrow procedure and, injection was just too much on my system that is already stressed, low on energy and close to fatigue. Dianne hooked me up for my hydration before I started to retire to my recliner to rest to recuperate from today’s activities.

There is not much to write about the rest of the late afternoon/evening is routine, getting ready for dinner, having dinner and getting for calling day.