2019-10-03 Living with Cancer Day 939

Today was a OK Day. I had to get up not later than 7:15 to be ready for Dianne to pick me up at 8:15. I got dressed quickly, when downstairs had a light breakfast, took my morning medication, packed up. Few things for my 4-hour stay at the hospital for the blood transfusion. I made it on time for Dianne to pick me up and take me to the cancer center for my low blood count injection, before checking in at the Sutter Delta Medical Center for the Blood Transfusion.

The blood transfusion took from 9:00 to 3:00, a bit longer than anticipated. Getting back home Dianne started the Hydration for me. Using the time (2 hours) of being less mobile she cut my hair and toe nails outside on the patio. By the time we got back inside and I back on my recliner it was dinner time. There is not much to write about after having had dinner we match some TV and getting for calling day.