2019-10-04 Living with Cancer Day 940

Today was another OK Day. I got up round 7:30, did my morning chores before going downstairs for having breakfast and getting ready for Dean to take me to my 9:00 appointment for having my Zarxio injection to boost the production of my white cells. After the injection Dean and I decided to do some window shopping in downtown Walnut Creek, getting back home by not later than 11:30.

Some stores we visit were the Apple and Tesla stores before starting our return trip. I got back just in time for Bill to arrive for our Friday Lunch. Larry joined our customary lunch via FaceTime. Dianne arrived at 1:00 to join the appointment with the Sutter Home Care to set up my power port for the next 7 days so that Dianne can continue to hydrate me every day at home.

After a short resting period Dianne went grocery shopping and I rested as the hydration took place. There is not much more to report. After Dinner, we watched some TV before calling it a day.