2019-10-05 Living with Cancer Day 941

Today was Not a Good Day. I got up round 7:45, with a hell of a headache, I took some Tylenol which did lower the pain but still left some pressure on top of my head. The headache was not the only issue, I still have pain at the bone marrow location as well as muscle pain in the hip area. I also had shoulder pain, making it difficult to turn my body. Since the pain would not go down I decided to take Dilaudid which helped a bit. I ended up with less pain in exchange with lightheadedness.

Dianne setup the hydration before lunch, hoping it may help to get my system to perk up. I skipped lunch to have it a bit later which was some light toast. I spend most of the day resting, watching some TV, getting up every so often, to loosen up, however the pain would not go away. I had a lentil soup with toast for dinner which settle my stomach a bit. After Dinner, we watched some TV before calling it a day.