2019-10-06 Living with Cancer Day 942

Today was another Not a Good Day. I got up again round 7:45, with again a hell of a headache, I took some Tylenol which did lower the pain but still left some pressure on top of my head. The headache was not the only issue, I continue to still have pain at the bone marrow locations as well as muscle pain in the hip area. The difference from yesterday’s getting up and this morning’s is that I was back on having used the CPAT device with a different nose mask, which was so much better than the original mask supplied.

Dianne brought up a light breakfast as I figured out the setup for the new CPAT masks and how to clean the air tube. By the time I got it figured out it was time to take my set of morning pills before going downstairs.

Being downstairs I rested for a bit until it was time for my antibiotics set of pills. Afterward Denise hooked me up for my daily hydration and after she was done spend some time outside on our new patio watching/talking to Dianne who was cleaning the backyard.

For today Dianne prepared a cup of tomato and rice soup with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Since my overall pain would not totally go away, the levels dropped a bit, I spend most of the day resting, watching some TV, getting up every so often. I also dozed off every so often, just a normal afternoon.

After Dinner, which was chicken strips with scalloped potatoes and baby carrots, we watched some TV before calling it a day.