2019-10-07 Living with Cancer Day 943

Today was another Not So Good Day. I got up again round 7:30 to do my morning chores before going downstairs. Getting downstairs my headache from yesterday was back, this time at a much lower level. Today, the walk was very taxing on my system, I therefore rested watching some recorded TV games such as the NFL Raiders game, and the Bundesliga game by Dortmund.

By noon, I got ready for Alice came by for a lunch. She brought with her a vegetable soup which was excellent, including a Banana Walnut Cake. We went outside on to patio to eat our lunch, and we stayed outside for a bit longer enjoying the company of each other.

After Alice left, Dianne came home and told me that my Oncology Doctor wants my blood draw today, instead of Tuesday, a day earlier. Dianne took me back to the Cancer Center for a number of different Blood Tests. My CBC numbers looks better to move into range they should. We still have to wait for all the results from the bone marrow test before picking a new treatment cycles. For now, we have suspended all chemo treatments, and in a week we should know what our options are.

Getting back home, I got connected on my hydration system, it was rather late. Alice also brought us salad and spaghetti which we really enjoyed. We watched some TV before calling it a day.