2019-10-08 Living with Cancer Day 944

Today was a Good Day. My day starts always the same, get up around 7:30, do my morning chores before going downstairs. Once downstairs, I check my vitals, have breakfast, and get ready for my morning walk.

Depending on my health issues, such as neck/shoulder pains, severe stomach cramps or high fever, only to mention a few, I may not walk, either way I will rest until I feel better and are able to do what I may had planed for the morning and afternoon.

Today’s walk was a good one, I was able to walk a further and only had to deal with some back pain at the end of the walk. After resting for about 15 minutes, I joined Dean in doing some sightseeing and shopping at Sam’s Club. By the time we got back home, it was time for lunch. I had a Tomato with Rice soup with some toasted Rye Bread. After lunch, I rested since my lower back started to hurt.

Soon after mid-afternoon Dianne got home and setup the hydration for me. I continue to rest, for the reason that the hydration consists of a pole where the hydration fluids is hanging and a long tub connected to the fluid bag and me (using a port). This setup limits my mobility to walk.

The day ended like most others we had supper and afterwards watch some TV together until it was time to call it a day.