2019-10-09 Living with Cancer Day 945

Today was almost another Good Day. After getting downstairs from my morning chores, my sweat issue was back, this time it was a lot of sweat. My stomach was good at the start being downstairs, so I had full but light breakfast. I took my temperate which was 99.7F, up from 98.1F taken 2 hours before. The sweat, light fever and serve body temperature were enough to not walk this morning.

Checking with Dean to walk later, that was not an option since he had another commitment after 10:00, but was free after about 1:30. Since I had a guest coming at 1:00 this option was a no go. The stomach and sedation would not stop until about 12:00 (noon). It did not stop me to prepare my own lunch, tomato soup with rice and two slices of German Rye Bread. To make up for not walking, I did get up every so often from my recliner and walked around the house for about 5 minutes.

At 1:00 Mark from the cancer support group came by for a meeting we had scheduled a week before. We had a not just a great meeting but a great get-together for the next 3 hours. We agreed to do this more often. Diane arrived home at 2:30 and started my Hydration before she started to do some work in backyard. Mark left around 4:00 and Dianne started to prepare our dinner. The day ended like most others we had supper and afterwards watch some TV together until it was time to call it a day.