2019-10-10 Living with Cancer Day 946

Today was a Good Day. After getting downstairs from my morning chores, my sweat issue was back, this time it was a lot of sweat. No stomach issues today, nor dizziness. I took my temperature which was 97.3F, up from 96.41F taken 2 hours before. Since it is Thursday, I collected the garbage before going downstairs. I had a good breakfast, but the sweating did not stop which made it difficult to dress up for my morning walk. As it turns out, Dean informed me that it was very cold and the wind speed was too strong to walk.

The sweating started to slow down just in time to get ready for our possible walk. However, we decided to try option two, finding a location that was not too windy and cold to finally try fishing and landscape photography. We ended up in Contra Loma Park and spend about 1 1/2 hours there. I ended up with 5 landscape photos. There are still in the camera, will try to get them on to Flickr tomorrow.

We got back home at noon, just in time for lunch, which was the left overs from Alice’s Vegetable soup. Afterwards I tried to get today’s photo on to my Mac but for some reason when looking on the SD-card, there are no pictures from today. Checking the pictures on the camera, they are there. I tried all methods to transfer them, no luck, will try again tomorrow.

In between trying to get the photos on to my MacBook, Dianne set me up for my hydration. Before I knew Dinner time has approached and it was time to write this posting. For dinner, we had a pizza on a cauliflower bottom, it was good but different. The day ended like most others we had supper and afterwards watch some TV together until it was time to call it a day.