2019-10-18 Living with Cancer Day 954

Today was another Good day. Because I had to delay my walk until after the visit from the HomeCare Nurse at 9:00, I did not get up 8:00. I took my time with my morning chores not to start sweating, it worked, dizziness and stomach issues were at a very low level, my temperature was 97.9F. The nurse arrived at 9:10 and put a new needle into my power port for the weekly hydration. She checked all my vitals before leaving around 9:45. I went walking with Dean at 10:00.

Today’s walk was very different, instead of using the walker, I started the walk without any aids for the first half of the route. Turning around I used my walking sticks since my shoulder pain was starting to increase. No problem using the sticks for the return portion. The idea of not using the walker was to start strengthens the core muscles by walking without any aids as I do inside the house. To not over do it I use the walking sticks when the pain levels start to increase. The walker actually counter to strengthen the core muscles since the walking position helps to take the pressure away from the core muscles. We will see soon if my thinking is correct.

After our walk I spent time in Dean’s garage watching and providing him with suggestions on a number of small projects he was working on. At 11:45 went home getting ready for lunch with my Premonus buddies. Bill, Greg and I had a delayed but good lunch watching and talking about the PBS’s Country Music special. We were not able to connect with Larry via FaceTime, not sure what the problem was. Dianne arrived as Greg and Bill were about to leave.

Dianne hooked me quickly up with the hydration. For the next two hours I spend the time to get my system setup correctly. Since upgrading my laptop to macOS Catalina and my iOS to version 13, some settings needed to be adjusted to use the same Apple ID and iCloud account. After hydration was done, I got up and put a protective shield on to my tablet display, which took me about 45 minutes. The benefit was not only protecting the display screen, but also helping my back and shoulder muscles since I was moving around a lot, but also standing and doing different movement. However, again I must watch not to over do it.

That’s it for today, dinner approached quickly after which we watched TV for the rest of the evening until it was time to call it a day.