2019-10-19 Living with Cancer Day 955

Today was another Good day. The plan for today was to go to IKEA. I got up around 7:30, did my morning chores before going downstairs. Dianne had breakfast ready, which was great allowing me to rest a bit before leaving for IKEA. Today was more than going to IKEA, it was to see if it will be another good day and how my system will deal with being on my feet instead resting for most of the time in my recliner. Like yesterday, I did not take the walker, instead I took my walking sticks. We left at 9:00 for IKEA, a 40 miles (ca. 64 km) trip.

Getting to IKEA at 10:00, opening time. We went upstairs to the cafeteria for a coffee for Dianne, a small breakfast for Denise and for me a small Lingonberries cheese cake. After the coffee break we went downstairs to walk through the marketplace. I only wanted to checkout the lighting department, so I took the shortcut to it. I found a new LED clip on light that would serve me great on my shelve beside my recliner. The other item I was interested in was the small tablet stand. Dianne got it for me since walking to the department was a bit too much.

I instead went to the checkout area and rested in one of their arm chairs until Dianne and Denise were done checking out. Walking from and to IKEA from the parking lot, as well around IKEA, did raise my shoulder pain level. However, I could also feel that my shoulder muscles were starting to tighten up, hopefully that is a good sign of them strengthen themselves, resulting in less pain over time.

Since it was almost lunchtime, our next stop was Fuddruckers in Concord, halfway between IKEA and our home. We all had one of their Kids Meals, which were more than enough as they are rather large. After having finished our lunch, we went next door to The Veranda, anew outdoor shopping center. Dianne visited Old Navy and met me at Cost Plus/World Market. I had skipped Old Navy, walking much slower than Dianne and instead spend some time wondering around in Cost Plus before relaxing in one of their sofa chairs until Dianne was ready to pick me up for our return trip home.

Getting back home Dianne hooked me for my daily hydration which takes two hours that I used to rest and/or work on my blog entry. There is not much more to report. To sum today’s activities up, all that walking has not been that easy, however it should be helping me to get my back and shoulder muscles back in time. However, again I must watch not to over do it.

That’s it for today, dinner approached quickly after which we watched TV for the rest of the evening until it was time to call it a day.