2019-10-20 Living with Cancer Day 956

Today was not a Good day, yes it was a bad day, but not terrible as the issue was my stomach, which did wanted to settle today. It started early this morning with stomach cramps that would not go away. I had taken Zofan earlier, as every day. But today it did not suppress my stomach cramps. I stayed in bed, dozing off a number of times. By 9:00 clock Dianne gave me some toasted sourdough bread slices, they did settle my stomach a little bit. I got dressed and went downstairs taking my medication and Dianne hooking me up for my daily hydration. Next I retired to my recliner.

I spend most of the day in my recliner dealing with the stomach cramps that came at various level, some of them very severe. I did get up to go to the bathroom at least once every hour. For lunch, I some toast and a small bowl of chicken noddle soup, which I eat very slowly. My stomach cramps disappeared for a bit, but came back at a higher level. Dianne and Denise went out shopping for a while, during that time I had to vomit, some chicken broth came out. Getting back on my recliner my stomach settle but as before it went to many phases.

For dinner, I had again toast and some warmed up rice pudding. As before my stomach settled for a bit before cramping up. It took some time for my stomach to settle since I had some very painful cramps afterwards.

That’s it for today, we ended the day watching TV for the rest of the evening until it was time to call it a day.