2019-10-25 Living with Cancer Day 961

Today was a good day, especially because no sweating all night long, as I had for the two night after my treatment days. I got up around 8:00, did my morning chores, before going downstairs to get ready for the visit of the Home Care Nurse to check on me and replace my needle in my power port. My vitals were good and my lungs are very clear. No issues, except for the cancer, I got a clean bill of health.

It was some time after 10:00 that my Home Care Nurse left. The weather was that nice that I spend about half an hour at the front of the house, walking slowly up and down from our house to the corner two houses away. Getting back inside, it was time to get ready for the lunch with my Premenos friends.

What a surprise to see Larry in person for our lunch. Shirley had driven Larry to join us for lunch. It had been years since Larry was at my place. Bill arrived about 10 minutes later. We started to talk about our current Health statuses. Dianne join us as well, we forgot about time, Bill mention he could only stay to 2:00, but we all called it quits around 3:35, including Bill, we just enjoyed being finally all together.

Denise, who has arrived just about 15 earlier, and Dianne went off too Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Getting back it was time to get dinner ready. Tonight being Sandwich night, that is what we had. I had a Panini Sandwich with Brie Cheese and small Apple slices and turkey. It was an excellent sandwich.
After dinner, we ended the day watching TV for the rest of the evening until it was time to call it a day.

2 thoughts on “2019-10-25 Living with Cancer Day 961

  1. I justed wanted to say hi and that I have been following this blog – since 2013 when you blogged about tech. I wish you all the best for you.

    1. Thanks for following me since 2013, there are not too many around who can say that. There are a few topics I would love to add, but I always run out of time. Again, thanks for your loyalty. Klaus

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