2019-10-28 Living with Cancer Day 964

Today was another so-so day, the good news, the wind from yesterday has gone, for now, there is a chance we may face another windy period. As to my vitals, around the time to get up, my temperature was 99.1F with my stomach not doing to good. I took some Zofran for the stomach to settle down before going downstairs. I only had toast for breakfast with some flat (bobbles remove) Diet Ginger Ale. As for the rest of the morning, I rested, actually dozing off every so often, checking my temperature a few times, which was between 99.1F & 100.0F.

I was hoping by resting that my vitals would be fine for my Blood Draw and Followup Appointment wit my Oncology Doctor at 1:15 PM. My appetite seemed to get back around 11:00 AM, so I heated my leftover breakfast omelet form Dad’s. I was good and for a while things seem to be OK, but suddenly my stomach was upset again, lucky it was not too much of a discomfort to show my doctor how stable I was, I should have waited with eating lunch.

After getting back home, Dianne hooked me up for hydration, and I was trying to rest and relax by watching some TV, but dozed off again. By the time my hydration was done, I started to worked on this posting. Soon dinner time was approaching for us to get ready for supper before continuing to rest, watching some more TV and work on this blog entry before calling a day.