2019-10-29 Living with Cancer Day 965

Today was a good day, I got up early since Dianne was going to pick me at 8:30 for my 9:00 treatment. There is not much to write about the treatment which uses the Kyprolis/Cytoxan drugs. As I mention last week, I will have to go 2 days in row for 3 weeks for infusion, followed off one week. Today was day 1 of week 2, I started the treatment at 09:00 and was done by 2:30 PM (14:30). It will be interested to find out if tonight I will be sweating all night again.

After getting back home, Dianne hooked me up for hydration, and I was trying to rest and relax by watching some TV, but dozed off again. By the time my hydration was done, I started to worked on this posting. Soon dinner time was approaching for us to get ready for supper before continuing to rest, watching some more TV and work on this blog entry before calling a day.