2019-10-30 Living with Cancer Day 966

Today was another good day, though the night was not. As last week, after each treatment, I would start after going to bed sweat from about 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM from head to toe. Today’s treatment was part 2 of the Kyprolis/Cytoxan treatment week. Next week will be week 3, after which I will be off for week. After that we repeat the whole cycle again. This time we were prepared, learning from last week. Preparing the bed with two large towels, which I change when I had to get up around 2:00 AM.

I got up around 7:45 to get ready for my 9:00 walk with Dean. Dianne would pick me afterwards at 10:30 for my 11:00 treatment. Our treatment started a bit after 11:00 and were done by 1:30 because there were less medication part of the treatment, some were part of yesterday’s treatment.

After getting back home, Dianne hooked me up for hydration, and I was trying to rest and relax but instead ended up sorting out which device of mine will auto-connect to the Apple AirPod 2. I listen during this activity to some Blues music. Dianne did some garden work and work-work, as well as preparing some things for dinner.

Dinner today was a Chef Salad, with a Brownie and Chocolate/Vanilla Pudding as dessert. Afterwards we watched TV, rest, watching some more TV and work on this blog entry before calling it a day.