2019-10-31 Living with Cancer Day 967

Today was another good day, even the night was not as bad a last week after the second treatment day. Knowing what to expect, everything was set up beforehand, helping during the night to lower the sweat. We now have completed treatment cycle 2, what is left to see how the side effects are during the next 5 days. Next week will be number 3, last in the cycle with week 4 being a treatment free recovery week.

I got up around 7:45 to get ready for my 9:00 walk with Dean. Today’s walk was the along the original route. I had to stop a few times but other than that, I was a good walk, just using my stick, no walker. I used the next two hours to figure out my iPad, Laptop and iPhone wiring for charging out, it had become a mess because of other devices, wireless earphones, etc.

For lunch, I heated up some of Dianne’s Lentil soup. After lunch, I rested a bit because my energy being very low. Soon Dianne came home and hooked me up for hydration, and I was ready to do some more interest browsing for a number of items I was interested in. Dianne was done with her work-work stuff, so we watched together some of our recorded item for our private indoor Halloween party

Dinner today was Pizza with Mousse as dessert. Afterward we watched TV, rest, watching some more TV and worked on this blog entry before calling it a day.