2019-11-01 Living with Cancer Day 968

Today was a so-so day, which besides being a very busy morning, was also a very cold one, we never got above 45F until about 10:00. I got up at 8:00 to get ready for the 9:00 visit with the Home Care Nurse. She comes by once the week to check things out and puts the access needle back into the power port, so that Dianne can now hydrate me again.

Right after she left, Francis came to clean the kitchen, bathroom and front door grout. It took him almost two hours. I in the meantime, was working on getting the last Blink outdoor camera setup. I still have to find a location for placing it to cover a good area for observation.

Shortly after Francis left, Bill and James, my Premenos colleagues came for our Friday lunch. We talked about security, our past together at Premenos and other current topics. They left rather late.

Dianne came home and hooked me up for hydration and I use the time to set up my system for Monday afternoon’s Video Meeting with Dr. Shaw at UCSF. This is a Follow-up meeting which in the past required us to drive in, which would take at least 2 hours each way. This way we stay home and address what needs to be talked about. I just wonder how older patients deal with such system.

Dinner today was a Tuna Salad Sandwich with a Brownie for dessert. Afterward we watched TV, rest, watching some more TV and worked on this blog entry before calling it a day.