2019-11-06 Living with Cancer Day 973

Today was a good day, it started with Dean and me having our morning walk. Right afterward Dean drove me to the Cancer Center for my second Zarxio Injection. It took only a few minutes, we then drop by the UPS store to return something to Amazon for exchange. We had a busy morning, our next stop was downtown Antioch as we look for a store by the name “As Is” however, the only store that was on the map was called “Nifty As Is”. Getting to the address the store was empty, making a phone confirm the store was out of business. The good news, we did a lot of walking.

By the time we return from our morning activities, it was noon, ready to have some lunch. I microwaved a steamer for lunch. During lunch, I watch the second period of the Champion Chip League game of Bayern against Olympiacos, which was won by Bayern 2:0, all goals scored in the second half. This was the first game with a new coach, judging by the second half, the starters and later subs did their job in the formation they were in.

Enough soccer, after the game I spend most of the afternoon to clean out my 4 shelf-unit that holds most of my computer stuff, laptop, iPad and iPhone and the accessories. Over time stuff ended up on the shelves that I don’t use. I was very active, the energy must be from yesterday’s blood and platelets transfusions, plus Zarxio Injection. Dianne came around mid-afternoon, and we went to Lowes meeting Denise to shop for a new touch Kitchen Water faucet.

Getting back home Dianne hooked me up for hydration. Time had moved on and it was close dinner. Dianne and Denise prepared Gyros for us, which were very good, actually the best I had in a long time. I used the time to set up the Googles Advanced Security system which uses a Bluetooth Titan security key and a USB Titan Backup Security Key. Time will tell how easy it is to use and how effective it is securing your system.

That’s it for today, which was a very active day for me.