2019-11-07 Living with Cancer Day 974

Today was another good day, like yesterday it started with Dean and me having our morning walk followed with Dean drive me to the Cancer Center for my third and last Zarxio Injection. Afterward, we went to Kaiser Permanente for Dean to have his Labs drawn. It took more than the 15 minutes, Dean had said it would. Normally on Thursday, there is a Farmers Market, it seemed it is closed for the season.

Our next stop was to drop off some paint cans at the safety hazard collection place. Dean wanted to get some fresh Cod, so went to WinCo, however they did not have any. Since it was close to lunch, Dean took me to a New Mexican Restaurant Downtown Antioch, called Guadalajara Taquería. It is across from the El Campanil Theatre. The food was very good and not very expensive.

By the time we return home, it was 1:00 PM, I spend some time with our contractors about them finishing off tomorrow before going inside and putting away some walking clothes for the various morning weather conditions before resting. I needed to rest since I was at the limit of my energy.

I was just resting for a few minutes when Dianne came home, I did not know that it was already mid-afternoon, which was good because she could hook my hydration up. I watch the ending of the Netflix movie “The King” as I prepared to work on some emails I needed to reply to. After my hydration was done, Dianne removed the needle, I will get a new one tomorrow morning when the Sutter Health Care Nurse comes by for her weekly check. Not having the needle allows for a better shower.

That’s it for today, which was a very active day for me.