2019-11-08 Living with Cancer Day 975

Today was a so-so day, at 9:00 the Sutter Home Care Nurse came by to do her physical checkup, which takes about 30 minutes. I passed with flying colors. The last thing she does is putting back a new needle into my port for having access. Dianne uses it for my daily hydration, and on treatment day it is used for the IV fluids, and it is also used for blood and platelet transfusions. Without a port, access is a simple needle poke in either the right or left arm with a good artery. With the number of blood draws alone a port is a must.

After the nurse left around 10:00, I had my walk with Dean. It was not a good walk as I needed to stop a number of times because my shoulder pain had increased. I figured that this was the result of a bad night’s’s sleep that had forced me to sleep on the side a bit instead of flat on my back. The short breaks helped to get the pain level down to continue to walk. It was an up-down walk, walk until the pain level required a break. The 5-minute break lowered the pain level to the point that I could continue walking until the pain level was high again. I think you got the point. I needed 4 breaks to get home walking on our normal route.

Halfway through the walk, Dean removed my two walking sticks and handed me his 55″ hiking stick. Holding the stick higher than my walking sticks made an immediate difference in my posture and pain point. I will use Dean’s walking stick for a week to see if it makes a positive difference, if it does I will get my own.

By the time we got back home, it was time to get ready for the traditional lunch with my Premenos coworkers. Since they ran a bit late I used the time to clean up the kitchen a bit, especially since we got a new kitchen faucet installed.

Bill and Greg were able to join me today, our conversation was about music, the Apple iPod that Bill wants to get since that is all he stores on his iPhone; Music. By the time we were done, it was time for me to rest without anyone around, no interruptions for about 30 minutes. Shortly Dianne came home and hooked me up for my hydration, which ended right at the start of our dinner time.

That’s it for today, which was a very active day for me.