2019-11-11 Living with Cancer Day 978

Today was another so-so day. As is normal for weekdays I wake around 5:00 AM when Dianne gets ready for work. I check my temperature and the overall status of my Dizziness, Stomach issues, and Sleep Apnea. This morning was no different, except with the results, I had a high temperature of 100F and was sweating. Because of it, I went back to sleep. By 8:00 the temperature was still high 99.5F, so I stayed in bed. I checked again at 9:00, the same result. At 10:00 still no change, but it was time to get up and go downstairs, which I did.

By the time I finished my morning chores and going downstairs, it was 10:30. I had a good breakfast melted with Brie cheese on German Rye Bread. I took my antibiotics before settling down since all these actives, without a break, took more than a bit of my energy out of me.

After closing my eyes for about 30 minutes, until 11:30, I called Google Support to figure out the Google Advanced Protection setup using two (2) Google’s FIDO security keys. It took us 2 1/2 hours to set up three (3) devices, verify and test them. The next step will be to move the sensitive data over to a location that is covered with the Googles Advanced Protection setup.

Dianne came home just in time when I was done with Google Support. I did some cleanup of my downstairs secondary office location. Since I forgot to have lunch, Dianne\ warmed up a cup of Chicken Noodle for me. It was time for me my mail and notifications, before starting on today’s blog entry.

Soon it was time for supper which was prepared by Dianne and Denise. As always it was a great meal! After dinner we watched some TV until it was time to call it a day.