2019-11-14 Living with Cancer Day 981

Today was another good day, however, it was very busy starting after getting up @ 8:00. My morning chores included a lot of other stuff which changed my schedule a bit, such as starting my walk from 9:00 to 9:45. Since my upstairs chores included some physical work, I needed to rest for 15 minutes before going downstairs.

Once downstairs I had a quick breakfast and took all my medication. After a short rest, I started my walk with Dean at 9:45 getting back at 10:30.

After a rest, at 11:00 Dean came over for us to work on the electric door lock, which did not open every time because of some misalignment. It took us about 2 1/2 hours because of the door holes not being correctly aligned. Any little change we made required us to uninstall and install it again. We got it to work now 9 out of 10. Even the one that was marked as not working, does so if one waits a bit longer to give the system time to correct itself.

Right after we were done, Joe arrived for his appointment with me. Joe is a good friend, he also is my Health Insurance Advisor, especially for my Medicare Gap Insurance. Dianne came home to talk to Joe about her Insurance. Since we are friends, we also used the time to keep up with what happened since our last get-together.

Dianne had hooked me up for my hydration when she arrived around 1:45 during my chat with Joe. My hydration was done shortly after Joe had left around 4:00. I did some clean up of the material we looked at, including removing text messages and updating profiles.

The rest of the day was spent starting this blog entry, having dinner and watching some TV, before calling it a day.