2019-11-15 Living with Cancer Day 982

Today was a so-so day, it started very early as I had an appointment with my Spine Doctor at 7:30. Right afterward I had the Sutter Home Care Nurse come by for her weekly checkup and inserting a new needle into my Power Port for my daily Hydration and Chemo Treatment. After she left I went for my daily walk. Since it is Friday, I got ready for lunch with my ex-colleagues from Premenos. By the time they left, my energy level was way down, time for me to rest.

The outcome of my appointment with my spine doctor was we learned that there are a few small Myeloma legions between the area secured with screws and the cemented area. Since they are not active, further surgery is not recommended since it is very dangerous and it could kill me. I did get a prescription for Physical Therapy to strengthen my core muscles. We will wait with setting up appointments until we know from UCSF what the next steps are.

We got today our Myeloma Table test results. The numbers are still going up since the last two treatment cycles, for A the`

IGA’s numbers are 656 -> 838 -> 1,101 -> 1,176, last delta is 75, less than the past delta of 263. However, the numbers are rising not falling. My m-spike also rose from 1.1 to 1.2, it should be less than 0.1.

The Sutter Home Care Nurse found my vitals in excellent condition. She had no problems with my port inserting a new needle for Dianne to hydrate me.

The lunch was special today I had asked Bill and Greg if they had some small travel guitars that I could borrow for a while for me to see if I can get back into playing guitar. I learned to play the classical guitar for 2 years when I was 14 years old. I stopped playing because my time was taken up with my apprenticeship, soccer (Fussball) playing and working on my Abitur.

After having completed those tasks, I immigrated to Canada without my classic guitar since I had not played for 4 years. Bill was so kind as to leave me his travel guitar. I will start learning to play again once my treatment schedule to have at least one hour a day of practice time.

Dianne came home shortly after the “boys” had left and hooked me up for hydration. I used the time to review the latest lap results numbers ad saved the results.

The rest of the day was spent starting this blog entry, having dinner and watching some TV, before calling it a day.