2019-11-17 Living with Cancer Day 984

Today was yet another so-so day, the plan, like yesterday, was to get up earlier to have breakfast with Dieter, or at least up to say goodbye as they are leaving for Valencia (Southern California), a 6-hour drive. I did get up early and was downstairs around 8:30, enough time to talk a bit before seeing them off around 9:00. We got word that they arrived safely at home around 2:00 PM, Dieter is a speed daemon 🙂

Getting up, I was hit by strong dizziness and some stomach issues, I hung in there to at least rest and move around a bit. Dianne setup my hydration around 10:00 to get that out of the way. Weekend days are difficult days since I am alone with Dianne and Denise. Not like weekday days, when everyone is either at work keeping busy, and I keep busy myself with doctors and/or treatment appointments. There is however a positive side to the weekend as I can spend most of my time with Dianne, valuable time I will never get back but need to cherish with the limited lifespan I have left.

To make it short, today’s afternoon was spent resting and watching TV or Movies until dinner time, which for us is any time between 4:45 to 6:00. Afterward, we watch some TV shows we have recorded, before calling it a day.