2019-11-18 Living with Cancer Day 985

Today was yet another so-so day! Around 7:15 I checked my Temperature which was normal at 98.8F. However, I was hit by Strong Dizziness and Stomach un-settlement. I could not keep my eyes open and therefore I am staid in bed until about 8:39 since Dianne was going to pick me up and take me to my Dentist for a Crown. It took 2 1/2 hours for making a temporarily crown. In 3 weeks I will get my permanent crown.

Getting back home I rested for a bit as Dianne was preparing our lunches for the upcoming Chemo Treatment days (Tue & Wed). Our next appointment today was the CBC Lab Draw followed with the Followup Meeting with Dr. Choi. The CBC test results showed that the CBC numbers still are bad. In fact, right after the Blood Draw, I had my Followup meeting with Dr. Choi. Seeing the numbers, she stop this week’s Infusion and order a blood transfusion for this week. I am now waiting for UCSF to call with a plan to go there to get the 5 million cells that are there from my harvest. These hopefully will give me a fighting chance to continue treatment in the future.

To make it short, today’s afternoon was spent with routine doctor and lab appointments and time resting in between, watching TV or Movies until dinner time, which for us is any time between 4:45 to 6:00. Afterward we watch some TV shows we have recorded, before calling it a day.