2019-11-19 Living with Cancer Day 986

Today was yet another so-so day! Since I got a 9:00 appointment, I got up around 7:30, only to deal with some Dizziness and Stomach cramps. I ate a small breakfast so that I could take my medication on not an empty stomach. Dianne came at 8:30 to take me for my 9:00 to Sutter Delta MR for a Blood transfusion. It took over an hour before the infusion was started, on the good news side they had other. Breakfast for me and took my lunch order.

There is not much to write about the Blood Transfusion, it took little over three plus hours. Today we did not get a room but instead we’re in an open area where every bed was in a curtain of space. The issue with that can be, as it was today, that was so loud that one can not concentrate. Dianne and I had a hard time to think to get same work done.

By the time we got home it was 3:00. Dianne hooked me up or my hydration and I rested. I worked on my on posting as well as watching between my writing TV or Movies until dinner time. Afterwards we watch some TV shows we have recorded, before calling it a day.