2019-11-20 Living with Cancer Day 987

Today was yet another good day! Since I had no appointments, I got up around 8:00 thinking it was Thursday, Garbage collection day, after I was done and downstairs looking at my schedule I noticed my mistake. As to my Dizziness and Stomach cramps it was at a very, very level. I had a small breakfast so that I could take my medication on not an empty stomach. The rest of the morning was walking and shopping with Dean.

Today’s walk was a bit different, I used my new 55-inch walking stick. I had tried Dean’s stick, on his suggestion, since it provided a straight back position, something that my current sticks and cane are not able to do. I really do use it the way you use a cane, it just helps to have one hand on the top, forcing you body to straighten out. So far based on the trial with Dean’s stick, I have noticed the benefit.

Alice, our friend retired Oncology Nurse, came by for lunch, she got me the Hot Cheese Potato. We spend some time about my treatments, past and new. She also suggested what question to ask, especially about the Stem Cell boost, what treatment is used to kill my current stem cells in my body, they need to be killed before injecting my frozen ones that are clean, melanoma in them.

We talked also none medical topics, such computer security stuff, her goats and chickens, the inside renovation of the kitchen and living. Dianne came home with Alice still be here, they spend some time catching up. Dianne had made some of her famous lentil soup for Alice which she took home. Without knowing Alice has brought us some Butternut Squash soup, so this became a soup exchange

Moving forward with my treatment, UCSF got back to us. Our appointment for tomorrow requires us to be at UCSF, no video meeting. This is for insurance purpose to go ahead with another stem cell transplant. It is almost identical to the first, except the killing chemo, this time it will be done over three days, instead of one. They will be using my stem cells that were harvested for my first transplant, which were 10 Million, but only a max of 4.5 million are needed, the rest is stored for 5 years, just in case a 2nd transplant, called a boost, is required. My stay at the hospital can be as long as two to three weeks.

In the afternoon we had the duct cleaner getting our system ready for turning on the heat as the in house temperature starts being too cold. Any dust being blown around by the heater is not good for me, in addition to the ducts being clean, we will also install a custom HEPA filter.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was no different from what we normally every day. After dinner, we watch some TV shows that we have recorded, before calling it a day.