2019-11-21 Living with Cancer Day 988

Today was a special day! The only appointment was with UCSF at Parnassus Heights at 11:00. Getting up early at again to be ready to leave the house by 8:30.

We left the house at 8:30 for our 11:00 appointment; we arrived at 10:45 after 2 hr 15 min. After some lab draws, CBC, CMP and MM panel, we waited for about 15 minutes before my vitals were taken and shortly after we had our meeting with my UCSF Oncology doctor, Nina Shah.

The appointment was about the details of the upcoming High Dose Cytoxan Stem cell bust (Transplant). I had to be there in person, no Video Meeting, for insurance purpose and for being advised of the process and risks associated with it. Since this treatment is part of a Research study, I had to sign a number of documents given my consent to participate in this research study.

You may asked why take the risk to enter a study that is of high risk, causing possible death. Something that was made clear to me. My current situation is that every treatment fails, it is stopped. The treatment I started 5 weeks ago, was stopped twice, never completing the three weeks in a cycle, cycle 1 stopped after two weeks and cycle 2 after one week.

If I continue without a treatment plan that works on the cancer, I have 2 to 3 months to live. Doing the research study is at the moment the only option that offers a chance to fight the cancer.

I will stop here to let things sink in.