2019-11-25 Living with Cancer Day 992

Today was a screwed-up day! Things started off with no problem, I got ready for Dianne to pick me up and take me to Shutter Delta MC for my Platelets and Blood Transfusion. Checking in and getting a room was still no problem. The problem started when we found out that they only had orders for the Platelet Transfusion. Since I was having a “Type and Cross” armband it showed them that there should be orders for the Blood Transfusion. After some searching they found the orders.

The next problem was the blood itself, it needed to be radiated based on the type and cross, because of the DARA I was treated with. The process to go to the hospital the day before for the ‘type and cross’ to have the blood processed and ready the next day. We did this. However, someone did not follow through last night with ordering the blood from San Francisco. Bottom line, there was no blood available when we got here at 9:00 for our appointment. All they had were the platelets, which I received around lunch.

As to the blood, it was ordered around 10:00 and expected to arrive around 4:00 PM since it takes about 6 hours for the blood bank to process and delivery the blood to the hospital. The blood finally arrived shortly after 4:00 but the transfusion did start until 5:00 because of the nurses were busy discharging other patients. Again another unnecessary delay. The transfusion finished around 7:30 and we got home by 8:00 calling a day.