2019-11-26 Living with Cancer Day 993

Today was a OK day! Recuperating from yesterday’s 11 hours at Shutter Delta MC, I slept in, getting up at 9:15 for my walk with Dean. The walk was a bit difficult today, my whole body was aching, but I did make it, it took a bit longer. Afterward I spend time in Dean’s garage, fixing the power cord for his table saw. It felt good doing something that mattered, having value. I can’t remember doing something for someone that needed it.

Getting back home, I started to use FaceTime to update in (virtual) Person my relatives and closed friends. I started with calling my cousin, actually Peter her husband answered, in Germany, explaining my situation since neither reads English. After I was done and had answered Peter’s question, I was satisfied that Hannelore and Peter are now understanding my situation, the reason for my call. Peter at the end of the call let me knew

Next call was to Ray, who has kept up with reading my blog. We spend some time about the details of the upcoming stem cell translate. He too feels that the stem cell option is the one and only option. Even if it fails, it will have kept the Myeloma in check for some time, given UCSF and Epic Care some more time to find another treatment.

After my call with Ray I talked to Paul, like Ray he is reading my blog each day and therefore was aware of my situation. Therefore, I gave him missing details I gave Ray earlier. Paul mentions that I am not only in his prayers but that of many members of his church as well. Over all I had a good call with Paul.

My plan is to call François and Jürgen first thing in the morning on their mobile to see if we can set up a Skype session. If I can’t get them on their mobile I will leave a voicemail message asking them to call me ASAP.

Next came lunchtime, I had some of Dianne’s excellent Lentil soup. Also, for the next two hours I watch the UEFA Championship League game Bayern München beat Crvena zvezda 0-6. Bayern was short one goal since they beat

Dianne came home about 30 minutes after the game was over, since it was about to rain and our fountain was not covered she grabbed the cover I got for it and put it on the fountain. Checking around 4:00 the Weather data showed that the fountain withstood of 20mph (ca. 32 km/h) and gusts up to 30mph (ca. 48 km/h). Dianne next activity was to get our white/silver iridescent tree setup. This will be last year for the tree since he is 20+ years old and is showing its age. Denise got home in the middle of the tree setup and became a good help to get the job done.

After the tree was done Dianne and Denise prepared our dinner. There is not much more to report. We watch some TV doing and after dinner before calling it a day.