2019-11-27 Living with Cancer Day 994

Today was a OK day! Dianne had planned to be home by 8:30, I therefore got up around 7:45 to be ready for her to be home. My plan was to stay upstairs to help her with things she had to do. This way I did not have to walk up and down the stairs too often. It turned out Dianne was staying downstairs for the morning as she was having the Tree People come around 10:00. I changed my plan and did the things I wanted to do upstairs before going downstairs. Since I was downstairs shortly after 9:00, I took my Antibiotics and 45 minutes later my other medication.

Around 10:00 Dianne hooked up my hydration. A few minutes later I called François in Lausanne, Switzerland, to catchup with our two families, something that we used to do weekly, but things got hectic and we now talk quarterly. I was lucky to catch him since it was early evening. As to my situation, providing the detailed background and two options, he too agreed that there really was only one, the stem cell transplant. We had a really good conversation and promised to do it more often again.

My next call was to Jürgen in Berlin Germany, my school friend, we were not in the same class but in the same neighborhood, only a few blocksmuch of our after school spare time together. This include going to all of the Bundesliga games of our home town team of Eintracht Braunschweig. The Bundesliga was created, with the support of Eintracht Braunschweig, in 1963, Eintracht won the Championship in 1966. It is only one they have won, they did make it to the second and three place (Champion being the 1st place). However, since the 1985–86 season, the they played at the tier II and III levels. They return back into the Bundesliga for the 2012-13 season after a 28 year absent. Eintracht came close to a return to the Bundesliga in 2016–17: the club finished third in the 2. Bundesliga and qualified for the promotion play-off to the Bundesliga, but lost 0–2 on aggregate to VfL Wolfsburg to remain in the 2. Bundesliga.

AS to today’s activities, after lunch I spend all of my time sorting out what I needed computer-wise to take with me for the 10-15 I will be spending at the UCSF hospital for recovery. Last time I had too much. Having downsized for my local chemo session and the many hospital stays at John Muir and Sutter Delta, it was not too difficult, except for it took some time.

There is not much more to report. We watch some TV doing and after dinner before calling it a day.