2019-11-28 Living with Cancer Day 995

Today was THE day! I am not talking about Thanksgiving, however you all have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽, enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner.

I am talking about starting my High Dosage of Cytoxan treatment administer over the next four days.

Because of us knowing we would not be together as a family today for our meal, Denise with some help from her mother, preparared a great Thanksgiving dinner, with all the fixings. It was a great dinner with all of us being together having a good time.

Back to today’s reason being here at UCSF MC, Step 1 was to call at 8:00 the Registration what time to check-in, since this depends on a bed being ready. Our first attempt not good as no bed was available. We were advised that there maybe no bed today since no one being discharged so far. Thing changed to the good, as we were told to register at 1:00 PM. That gave us enough time to pack up our stuff and leave around 10:30, giving us a safety buffer just in case of any traffic problems.

We arrived round 12:00 and check-in with Administration, which had just discharge and therefore a bed free. However, it was not a single bed room, but a 2 bed room. I took the room since the chance to find a single bed room were very low. If they did find a single bed room later through the day, the chance would be that I would be moved into it. We found out the bed was in the best position at the end of the room with a round view set of windows.

Soon after getting to my bed, the Hospitalist came by to do a quick vital checkup, making me sign some papers and went over my medication list. After she left we ordered my lunch, dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast order. I started to settle in, ready to setup my computer, when we were told that I will be moving in to a private room with in an hour so that they can start my chemo treatment tonight. Before moving to the new room, I did have a 15 minute FT call with Kenji. Since in the middle a nurse came, Dianne finished the call. I hope Kenji now understands my situation.

We got to the private room around around 4:30 PM and hour before our Thanksgiving dinner, enough time to get setup.

Shortly by 8:00, after shift change, our new nurse came by and going over the details when to take what medication. The main point was about when the chemo treatment will start, it will be around 9:00 PM for the next 4 nights each infusion will be about 2 hours.

That’s it for now, since it is almost 9:00 PM and it has been a long day.