2019-11-30 Living with Cancer Day 997

Date: 2019 November 29, at 06:30:57 PST
Weather: 43°F to 52F Mostly Cloudy
Location: UCSF Helen Diller MC at Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, CA

Getting started
It is about 6:30 and the night nurse got ready for me to start the day. After taking my vitals I am getting my morning medication. Around 7:00 my FentaNYL patches were changed as well.

Shortly afterward my breakfast arrived, which was very good. Dianne and I went after it for a walk around the ward.

Visit from my UCSF doctor
I was just about to go with Dianne for my second walk when my UCSF doctor did her rounds and told me to go back to my room as she was about to see me. She was surprised, but happy to see me walk, especially since this was our second walk. She informed us to keep it up as the treatment will start to take its tool on my system. The treatment will consist of two chemo infusions twice a day for four days. That was it for her short visit. Dianne and I went right afterward for our second walk.

Start of Chemo session 2 for Day 1
We learned this morning that each day I will get 12 hours apart one chemo infusion. Since we started last night at 10:00 PM, the second infusion will be now at 10:00 AM.

End of 2nd Chemo session for Day 1
Had lunch during the infusion and cleaned up my setup, slowly getting it right, so many cables, laptop, iPad iPhone and Apple Watch. Took the original Apple Watch charger that takes just to long to charge the watch.

It was time for my daily shower after my lunch. I almost burned myself because the shower control was totally different to any thing I ever used before and the instruction were not very clear. Instead of using regular soup I had to use aAntiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser to prevent infection. My other option would have been to use a special body cloth to wipe me down.

After my shower I was pretty much exhausted and needed to rest. So I spend time with Dianne watching TV and during commercial did some laptop clean up. I am uploading for the last two days all my photos onto Google Drive. So far I have uploaded 115MB out of 145GB. I did a lot of thinking which is bette using Dropbox or Google Drive. I decided to go with Google Drive as I can secure it with the Titan Security Keys which are phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) devices that help protect my high-value personal information including documents and my photos.

Dinner Time
For dinner I had Teriyaki Salmon with steamed Vegetables and mashed Potatoes. I also had a Vegetable Primavera Soup and Cream Puffs for dessert. Overall not a bad meal. Dianne had planned to get dinner from the uCSF Cafeteria but foursome unknown reason the closed half an hour earlier the scheduled. She went across the street to the food court and only Panda Express was still open, again the stores closed earlier by two hours than normal.

Ending the day
I should say almost ending, the day will really end after my Chemo infusion after 10:00 PM. Until then I will have one last walk around the ward before resting, taking my regular medication and watching some TV until then, but most likely I will doze off, letting the nurse wake me up.

I will post this entry soon after having taken my regular evening medication. You may noticed I changed the format that is created by the Day One app. Which will help me over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think.