2020-01-01 Living with Cancer Day 1029

Date: 2020 January 01, at 07:30:06 PST
Weather: 41°F Sunny
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Starting the New Year

07:30:00 PST – Getting up
My plan was to get up around 7:45, but Dianne beat me to it by bringing me breakfast to the bed so that we both coUld have it together. It was a great surprise.

After breakfast, I got dressed and ready to work on getting the Smart Switch fixed since the installing during Christmas did not work.

08:15:30 PST – Fixing the Smart Switch Install
Over Christmas Dieter and I replaced the standard light switch that turns on the Master Bed Room’s Desk Room Lamp with a Smart Switch. The install did not work, the lamp turned on for about 30 seconds. Not having any time, I left it for today.

Taking everything apart, I found the issue, there were 4 black wires, those with the power from the fuse box that were wound together, the problem with that was that they came from 2 different fuses, of a good idea. After fixing the problem and reinstalling the Smart Switch everything work as it should. It took me only a bit over 2 hours as I had to watch not to turn my body too much and overextended my back.

This task showed me that I am able to do some things as long as I watch my body’s status.

10:45:00 PST – Resting
After having fixed the light switch, I went downstairs to watch some TV. The work did take some energy out of me and did increase my lower back and hip pain. Resting and watching TV did help a lot. I also use the time to sort out my mail and paid a few bills.

Dianne hooked me up with some hydration to help with getting my energy level back for possible work in the afternoon with Dean.

12:15:44 PST – Lunch Time
Dianne and Denise prepare a good lunch, Butternut Squash soup with a Grilled Cheese sandwich. It did hit the right spot. The hydration was still going so I continue my rest.

Dean did not reply to my text nor did he answer my phone call. He was not in his garage or anywhere outside, so contacting him was not possible to check on walking later. I planned to try again later.

12:45:59 PST – Continue to Rest
Since Dean was available I continue to rest with some short breaks to get out of my chair and walk for a minute or more around the downstairs, However, I spend most of the time to answer a request from the online producer for the ABC, Australia’s public broadcaster is 2020 the start of a new decade or is it 2021? The correct answer, as defined in 8601-1, is today 2020-01-01.

I used some time in between working on my ‘Decade’ reply with updating my photo upload location. Just before I started with today’s blog entry l got a hold of Dean and we agreed to have our first short work at 3:00 PM.

15:10:35 PST – Walking with Dean
I was ready around 2:50 to get my stuff for my walk with Dean, taking my camera since I will start Project 365 again. However, I got delayed getting dressed and finding my long walking stick and toque.

Getting out and to Dean’s garage, I rested for a few minutes before we did our short walk which latest about 15 minutes. In between, I took four pictures of two walkways we used to walk on and will do it again when I can walk longer distances.

These pictures will part of my Project 365 for 2020. I ran out of tome to upload the to Flickr today, but plan to do so tomorrow.

I returned home after the end of my walk.

16:00:25 PST – The rest of the Day
After returning back home from my walk, I rested and started to walk on preparing the new location for my 2020 posting and pictures.

Next came to upload today’s pictures, starting the workflow to copy them from the SD-card to the laptop, rename the file name and upload them to my Flickr account (the last step will be dome tomorrow).

I started to enter today’s activities into the app ‘Day One’, this app I am using right now.

I had dinner around 5:30, and continue with my blog entry after dinner and flinched it at 8:00 PM, just before going to bed.

2 thoughts on “2020-01-01 Living with Cancer Day 1029

  1. Well Klaus, I registered! I’m glad you are back to your blog. I’ve read a couple articles about the controversy over the start of the new decade. I’m glad to hear it is now. ☺️

    1. Thanks for registering and leaving a comment. As to the decade issue, a bigger one is when does the millennium start, since there was no year 0 (zero).

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