2020-01-02 Living with Cancer Day 1030

Date: 2020 January 02, at 07:31:10 PST
Weather: 46°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

A New Day – January 2nd

07:30:30 PST – Getting up
I got up at 7:30, a bit earlier since getting back home from UCSF. I did this as of next week I will be alone for a few hours in the morning since Dianne will be at work, which is about 5-10 minutes away. After getting dressed and doing some small tasks I went downstairs for breakfast.

Dianne had prepared French Toast using the Italian Panettone Bread for a surprise. After breakfast, I spend time going through my mail and checking if the “Day One” application is syncing across my three devices correctly. Day One is the app I use to capture each days’ activities that serve as the input to my blog postings.

08:45:56 PST – Water Break at Dean’s
Around 8:45 one of our neighbors rang our doorbell to let us know that she tried to get a hold of Dean since a lot of water came from the side of his house. But her effects knowing on his front door did not result in anyone answering it. Since we always are with Dean she hoped we could get a hold of him.

I called Dean, who answered back and went outside looking at the problem. It turned out that one of the sprinkler valves had a crack in the main intake, causing the flooding of his sidewalk towards the road.

I went over to see if I could be of any help. It turned out that looking at it I would not be too difficult to replace the value since it was glued to the supply and output pipes.

09:30:26 PST – My Morning Walk
Since I was outside and Dean was still thinking of when to go and get some piping primer and glue, we decided to go for our walk. The walk is not long-only 1/3 of a mile and it took us 10 minutes, 2 miles per hour. It was my 2nd outdoor walk not only this year but also since getting back home from the hospital.

After getting back to Dean’s, we noticed a work truck from the city in front of his house. Apparently the noticed on their mentoring system extensive water use at the location. They dropped by to see if it was a water break on the street or sidewalk. Seeing it was on private property the help Dean to shut off the water to the sprinkler system but allow water to the rest of the house. They also help to remove the faulty sprinkler valve so that Dean can put on a new one.

I rested during the time the works department helped Dean. After they had left, Dean wound a replacement valve he had purchased some time ago. We evaluated how to best put it back on, adding a bit of height to it since it was very low. All that was needed was some PVC primer and glue.

10:51:39 PST – Going Shopping
Since Dean needed PVC Primer and Glue, we went on a short shopping trip, first the bank, followed by Lowe’s and best another bank. At Lowe’s, I walked through the store only with my 55″ Hiking/Walking Stick used for balance. I did feel at the end of the walk my back and shoulder pain starting to increase quickly. It was time to get back into the car to rest my back.

An interesting thing happened at checkout, I noticed this magazine which was all about soups and their recipes. It was not cheap, $12.99, but since Dianne and I like soups, I took it. Checking out, the price was 2 cents, as in $0.02. The cashier checked twice, but that was what I paid for it.

Before driving home Dean stopped at another bank. We got home just around noon, time for lunch.

12:00:18 PST – Lunch Time
I just got home in time for lunch. Dianne prepared a Butternut Squash soup with a Grilled Cheese and thin deli ham sandwich. It was a great combination. After lunch we all relaxed and watch some prerecorded TV shows.

I started to continue to work on finishing some emails, going to real mail and paying more bills. In addition, I started to enter more updates to what took place so far into Day One. Next up was to prepare Flickr to receive uploads off my daily Project 365 pictures.

13:15:32 PST – Afternoon Work
After my lunch break, we all still watch some TV shows with me working on getting my picture setup correct, as it has been some time since I last did this and never wrote down the workflow. I was able to create the workflow that I will be using for the new Project 365, but I will most likely not be able to create the new album to my Klaus’ Korner website.

Around 3:00, I went outside and took 4 pictures of our backyard, 2 each were in the same direction. Apply the workflow, the first step was to upload the pictures from the SD card, renaming the file name signed by the camera and uploading it to Flickr, which includes adding a description to each photo. I know this may be technical for some of you but I wanted you to know it does take time to get those photos on to my website. These are the workflow steps that still need to be done. I got this done just in time for dinner.

16:59:27 PST – Dinner Time
We had Baked Ziti for dinner prepared by Denise and Dianne, it was very good that I had seconds. We started watching Doctor Who with dinner and continued afterward before watching some more TV.

I spend some time during the TV watching, to pre-register for my two upcoming appointments at University of California San Francisco, Parnassus Campus. Dianne and I will have to be there before our first appointment at 10:30, our second appointment is at 11:00. The lactone should be the followup meeting telling us what the next treatment will be, the main reason for going to UCSF tomorrow.

I ended my day with a good hot shower before going to bed.