2020-01-03 Living with Cancer Day 1031

Date: 2020 January 03, at 07:00:16 PST
Weather: 37°F Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

07:00:00 PST – Getting Up
I got up early today since we have a 10:30 appointment at UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights. After doing my upstairs chores I went downstairs for breakfast.

Watching the local news shows that fog has moved in, but the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza has very light traffic. Our commute may not too bad today.

To keep things light I took my daily Project 365 photos outside my house of the foggy street. I had planned to take some pictures at UCSF, but the weather and time constraint may not be on my side.

08:22:01 PST – On our Way to UCSF
Starting off with visibility low because of the fog. So many stupid drivers not having their lights on, especially with those in dark-colored cars. The traffic was rather light, making the drive easier than before. We arrived an hour earlier at UCSF.

09:43:56 PST – Arrived at UCSF MC
As mention, we made it to UCSF with no problems. Fog ended after Walnut Creek. We have checked in, since we are early we may get in a bit earlier to our appointments as well.

The first step is the blood draw, which should be soon.

10:05 – Done with my blood draw and vitals. Waiting for a room, busy today all doctors are in.

10:45 – My doctor is 1 hour behind with her appointments as per the Provider Status Board, let’s hope it doesn’t get longer.

11:45 – Finally someone came, It was the NP, not my Chemo Doctor. She starts off by checking how I was doing. We told her that we were here to see our Chemo Doctor to talk about our options. As it turns out the NP did not know that but agreed to talk right away with our Chemo Doctor. Getting back, they thought that I can not withstand another 4-day High Dosage of Cytoxan treatment at the hospital, but maybe a less dosage version at the local Chemo infusion center, coupled with another chemo drugs. The two doctors will talk about it and let us know by Monday.

12:58:57 PST – On our Way Back Home
We decided to stop at IKEA for lunch before continuing going home. Not much traffic nor customers at the IKEA Restaurant. We had a quick bite before checking out a few items on the way out. The weather is just gorgeous on this side.

15:00 – One more stop at Cost Plus World Market in Concord which lasted only a few minutes since they were sold out of the item Dianne wanted. Back on to the way home. Dianne made a quick stop at Mr. Pickle’s for some buns to make sandwiches for our dinner.

15:58:16 PST – Home
We made it! A long day, but a good day out. One last thing remains the visit from the Home Care Nurse for her weekly checkup and replacing my port needle.

She arrived shortly after 4:00 after a general checkup and taken my vitals, my port needle replaced. Each visit goes through the same 45 minutes process. After she left I finally was able to rest in my recliner. It was a long day, being away and on my feet since 7:00 this morning.

17:04:38 PST – Dinner Time
Being Friday it was Sandwich Night, I had on sourdough, Brie Cheese, Ham and sliced apples heated in a Panini maker. It was delicious. We ended the day watching one more Christmas movie before calling it a day.

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    1. Vicki, they are no more than good old European meals. Take “Sandwich Night”, close to what in German dinner is called, wich is “Abendbrot”. Our lunch is mostly a soup and sandwhich, again, a hot meal for Mittagessen. We have started to go back to basics, staying away from fastfood.

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