2020-01-04 Living with Cancer Day 1032

Date: 2020 January 04, at 07:05:46 PST
Weather: 45°F Mist and Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

07:05:46 PST – Breakfast in Bed
Dianne surprised me again by bringing breakfast up to bed for both of us. We chatted a bit about yesterday’s visit to UCSF. Before getting up we watched some prerecorded TV shows.

After getting dressed I spent time in my office cleaning things up, which took some time since I did not want to overdo it.

Being in my office reminds me that I used to spend at least 8 hours a day in it before I was diagnosed with cancer. Now I spend zero time in it do any computer work. The most interesting thing is that my webserver has been running without me. Backups and Updates are all done in an automated way, not needing me for the last 3 years. Leave it to Linux!

10:00:18 PST – Downstairs and Hydration
After getting downstairs, Dianne started the hydration for me which should take about two hours, ending just before lunch. I used the time to sort out magazines, letters and other stuff I had put aside for later. I did not realize how much time it took to decide what to do with it, keep it or throw it out.

12:08:43 PST – Lunch Time
Dianne prepared a Grilled Cheese and Ham on German Rye Sandwich with Corn and Red Pepper Soup. It was a very good soup. In case you have not noticed, Dianne and I love soups.

One of the problems I try to fix is that since 1996 I have shoot digital photos that are stored on may different devices. I started to collect them 5 years ago and stored them on my own NAS drive. However, I never finished the task and as I started to work a bit more on organizing all of my content to be on my Drive, I find more photos I did not think I had. I did start after lunch to sort out more of my photos but dozed off as my joints started to hurt again. Taking two Tylenol did help bring some of the pain down.

13:52:10 PST – Taking today’s Pictures
I took a break to go outside into our backyard to take my daily photos. It was rather difficult for two reasons. The main reason being that both of my hips started to hurt when trying to walk, even after the Tylenol had helped to bring my back and shoulder pain down.

The other reason is that I have shrunk 3 inches, the missing height does not allow me to look easily over the back fence to align my camera view. So today’s photos may not be my best pictures I have taken from the same location.

My options at this time are limited to pick real landscape locations, as they are further away than I can walk. The time will come when I can do so. For now, I will stick around here and take pictures that come close to landscapes but will be part of nature.

16:55:03 PST -Dinner Time
Just minutes before Dianne started to prepare dinner, she received a call from someone identifying himself as being with PG&E. He told Dianne that she had 30 minutes to pay her outstanding bill of about $400 or our power would be cut immediately. She played around with him for a bit before she hung up. I in the meantime reported the call to PG&E.

Dinner was Fish with mashed potatoes and pork and beans. As for a dessert, we had ICE cream. Afterward, we watched a movie. I finished this posting off during the movies.

We ended the day after having watched a bit more TV after the movie.

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  1. I love soup too! Was this a homemade soup from the magazine you picked up? I keep meaning to ask Diane for the recipe for her famous lentil soup!

    1. The soup was Creamy Corn and Roasted Peppers from Trader Joe’s. Dianne’s Famous Lentil Soup is based on my Grandmother’s recipe.

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