2020-01-06 Living with Cancer Day 1034

Date: 2020 January 06, at 07:04:59 PST
Weather: 37°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Good Morning – 07:04:59 PST
I woke up only to find it was very cold. I decided to stay in bed, checking my mail and send my weather information to Steve at KTVU. He actually showed my tweet during his weather report this morning. I used to send my daily weather reports to him before I got to ill to do so. I hope to do so again.

Since it was cold but warm in bed I used my iPhone to check my emails and text messages for replies and other items that needed my attention. Lucky for me there were not too many.

Getting Up – 08:07:34 PST
I finally decided to get up and get dressed. I did my daily chores in addition to getting ready for my dentist’s appointment at 11:00.

I tried to connect with Dean about our morning walk but was not able. As time was running out, the dentist appointment approaching fast, I called Jürgen via Skype in Germany. We had not talked since I left the hospital, today as a good time to catch up on things.

At the Dentist – 10:57:51 PST
The timing was right to have my teeth cleaned. The last cleaning was 18 months ago. The reason for not going any earlier was the fact that my treatments did not allow it. Not being on treatment and my CBC numbers being good, especially my platelets, allow me to go ahead with the cleaning. I still have to take an antibiotic 1 hour before to ensure no bacteria are entering my system.

The cleaning was without any problem, actually, the hygienist was saying my teeth were cleaner than most clients that come in every 6 months. I was a bit surprised by that, but knowing that it takes extra time and care, makes sense since not everyone goes the extra steps.

My next appointment will be on the 13th to replace my temporary crown replaced with the final crown.

Lunch Time – 12:34:51 PST
Getting back home from the dentist with Dianne, she made for both of us a great lunch, Creamy Corn and Roasted Peppers soup with a Grilled Cheese sandwich on German Rye Bread. You can’t beat that!

Normally I rest a bit after lunch, but since Dean was up, I check on what he had planned for this afternoon. Since he was open to suggestions, I decided it was best to go across to him.

Shopping at Harbor Freight – 13:57:55 PST
Talking to Dean we agreed to go shopping at Harbor Freight since we both had some items on our shopping list. I was after some small wire hooks, looking around I could not find any. Dean did not find what he was after as well. The next stop was Lowe’s, where I found my hooks.

We took the longer, no Freeway, way home. It allowed us to stopped at the entry to Black Diamond Mines, for me to take today’s pictures.

The Rest of the Day – 15:30:06 PST
I returned from my shopping trip around 3:30, enough time for Dianne to hook me up for some hydration. My system was just very low on energy. I spend the next 2 hours checking out more emails and send out updates, but most I dozed off. Before I knew it was dinner time.

Tonight we had Dianne’s famous Chili Con Carne, it was just right warming me up since I felt a bit cold inside. After dinner, we watched a new Winter Movie, followed by some TV show before calling a day.