2020-01-07 Living with Cancer Day 1035

Date: 2020 January 07, at 07:46:07 PST
Weather: 32°F Freezing Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting Up – 07:46:07 PST – 32°F Freezing Fog
I woke up around 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:45 since it was just too cold, 34F (1C). Before going downstairs, I did my daily chores and spend some time in my office getting some items I need to use my other smart switches as a gang of two downstairs.

Once downstairs I had Bran Flakes with Cranberries and Almond Milk for Breakfast. I also had a Banana and two Mandarines with it. After having taken my morning medication, I check the outside temperature, which was 40F, I checked with Dean, we decided to get out to Sam’s Club.

At Sam’s Club – 09:43:27 PST – 37°F Mist and Fog
We left shortly be 10:00 for Sam’s Club. Our main purpose was to do little shopping but instead walking through the aisle, which was longer in distance and time than I did during the last few days. Dean did get some butter and I got a pack of French Baguettes.

Before leaving Sam’s Club, I got a text that there is a Free Lunch before the Cancer support group.

Dean dropped me off at the new Support Group Meeting across from Raley’s on Lone Tree Way. I was a bit early but Mark and Colleen were there and Program Manager Zenaida Burgos as well. We had a creamy Chicken Soup with Baguettes from Panera, it was very good. We used the lunch to help the organizer with her topics to improve the lunch and the support group. Around 12:30 others joint us and by 1:00 we moved into the Support Group Room.

We started off by reflecting on ourselves in silence with the guidance of the coordinator, before starting with reports from the participants.Because I was not able to participate for almost 2 months, I was called out to be the first to update them. I gave a rather lengthy report because there was a lot to report, and answers to questions from my co-members.

I left at 2:00, and our early, but my body just could not stay another hour. I had agreed earlier with Dianne if the situation arrived, to let her know 15-10 before so she would be able to pick up her stuff at work and come to take me home.

I did call her, got my stuff and said goodbye to the group. As I walk outside down to the car park, I saw Dianne in front and walked towards her . . .

The Fall – 13:57:31 PST – 48°F Sunny
. . . trying to bypass the refrigerator that was unpacked by two delivery guys. Looking more up than down, my foot got caught on a high lip between the concert walkway from the office building and the asphalt of the parking lot surface, and I went down.

Lucky for me I was able to not hit my head, my chest to all the force of the fall, since I landed fast no ribs were broken. However my right little finger got a few cuts. Dianne called Mark and James for help to lift me up, which they did and got me into our car. James said he would let them know about the issue with the raised lip because if they don’t fix it immediately others would fall soon, especially since many I not most support group members are not young.

The Rest of the Day – 15:14:24 PST – 50°F Sunny
Getting home from the support group meeting and fall, Dianne looked after my little finger’s scraps before setting up my hydration.

I rested and started to work on today’s posting. There is not much more to report, we had a good supper watch some TV before calling a day.

More tomorrow!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your fall and happy that you weren’t seriously injured. Reading your post I was touched by what a great support system you have. Your support group, Dean, your many friends, family and of course especially Diane, the best of all. But for the most part you have all this support because you put yourself out there-to support and be supported. You are inspiring.

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