2020-01-09 Living with Cancer Day 1037

Date: 2020 January 09, at 18:25:06 PST
Weather: 41°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Quick Update
Today’s Report is short since I spend most of the time getting things ready for tomorrow’s train ride from Martinez to Reno.

As to my health status, overall I felt good, my lower back dis hurt a bit more because of the extra walking and bending to get things together. I did get hydrated in the early afternoon, which will help, as well as a good night’s sleep will take care of those aches and pains.

As to my activities, after getting up and dressed I spend time to decide what clothing to use and what other things, such as my CPAD, were needed to be taken.

Getting downstairs I spend most of my time getting the paperwork for the Train Ride and Hotel reservations together.

I did have time for my walk with Dean, like yesterday, because of the Rain, today add Drizzle to it, we used large Groceries to do walking through their aisle. I even was able to shoot my pictures around Kaiser Permanente Campus.

At noon I had a phone call with Norbert and friend from Canada, we had lost contact for some time, but reconnected a bit today. At 2:00 I had my weekly FaceTime call with Kenji, we talked about our Flickr accounts since we were not able to access our ‘Klaus and Friends’ group I had ceded over a Year ago. I had contacted Flickr to fix it last night. Kenji checked it out and found the issues were resolved.

I still have to pack up the clothes and electronics after publishing this entry and take my shower to have a good rest.

The train leaves around 10:00, depending on the traffic we will leave between 8:00 and 8:30.

Sorry for the less detailed report, there were just more important things that needed to be done.