2020-01-10 Living with Cancer Day 1038

Date: 2020 January 10, at 06:30:46 PST
Weather: 36°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting up – 06:30:46 PST, 36°F Clear
We decided to get up early to get ready for our train ride to Reno. Doing so we did not need to rush as we had enough time before leaving between 8:00 and 8:15. I even had time to pass my weather data to Steve at KTVU. I collected the required electronic cables and chargers. Dianne had cleaned and dried the CPAD machine, which I picked up.

After having put out what needed to be taken, it was my job to fit it all into one suitcase, using the 20+ years of experience I gained during my international travels.

The last thing we did was sort out what clothing to wear, since arriving in Reno the temperature would be much lower. I also had my camera equipment ready since I planned to take many pictures.

We were ready to enjoy the next three days, not thinking about work, but having good family time together.

Drive to Amtrak Station – 08:33:07 PST, 37°F Sunny, Antioch, CA
We left for the train station a bit early since the traffic on HWY #4 can change quickly into a parking lot. It turned out that, except for about a minute or two, we never slowed down since we were driving in the HOD (Diamond) lane. Never having been at the Amtrak Station in Martinez we used our Hyundai Kona’s Navigation System which got us there with no problem.

Arrived at Amtrak Station – 09:10:59 PST, 43°F Sunny, Martinez, CA
Traffic was good, no accidents to deal with. Having 2+ persons in the car allows us to drive in the HOV lane for the first half of the drive.

The Amtrak Station is very nice. Parking & Checking in was easy, no problems. Waiting for the train did become a bit boring. However before we knew it the train arrived and with the help of Darrell, our Train Attendant, we had no problems boarding.

On the Train – 09:54:39 PST, 43°F Sunny, Martinez, CA
We made it, Darrell our Train Attendant was great help moving us into a bigger room. We had asked for upgrading Denise from coach to sleeper, but instead, he just talked to the Conductor and moved us into this Family Sleeper Room for free, except for Denise’s lunch.

Thanks Amtrak!

Lunch Order on the Train – 13:15:46 PST, 52°F Sunny, Rocklin, CA
Since lunch is included in our ticket, it was brought to us. Actually it was a bit more complicated. We forgot to tell our Train Attendant what we wanted. When we booked the trip we were misinformed, we will know on the return trip.

Since our Train Attendant checked on us why we had not been to the dining car and found out our reason, we ordered from the menu a Cheese Burger meal and got it delivered within 10 minutes. The burger was very good, especially for being on a train.

Trip Summary – 15:21:56 PST, 45°F Mostly Sunny, Reno, NV
There is so much to write about, I will try my best for a summary. I took many photos and hand-written notes that should help, since we had no WI-FI and using my iPhone’s GPS for the locations since my camera doesn’t have GPS, it has everything else.

09:57 Martinez
Left the Martínez Station on time. Not much to see until we were approaching Colfax around noon.

Before getting to Colfax we passed Davis, Sacramento, and Roseville.

12:21 Colfax
We stopped here and because the train was longer than the platform it made two stops, moving forward for the second exit stop. Because the Main Street runs in a 90-degree angle across the tracks, the train stopped the traffic for the length of our stop. I took my first photo here.

12:30 Heather Glen
We start seeing landscape sceneries, also because the train is starting to slower I took another picture. I wish I could have taken more but there were too many trees in front blocking the scenery in the back.

12:58 Dutch Flat
The first sight of snow, however, the train is moving to fast for taking good pictures, I did try and got 2 pictures that are acceptable.

13:02 Past Alto
Snow close to the train tracks tried to get pictures of the mountain tops in the background, but like before at Dutch Flat, it was difficult to take pictures but I did it anyway taking 4 pictures.

13:05 Along I-80
We were crossing the Crystal Lake area, lots of snow for great landscape pictures. I was able to get 3 pictures.

Note: I shoot in Aperture Priority mode and 1/3 bracketing burst of 3 shots. This means when I say I took 3 pictures there are actually 9 pictures taken.

13:45 Rainbow/Troy
Again lots of good landscapes to watch but being on the ‘Hill Side Up’ my view is blocked by the trees. On the return trip, I will sit on the ‘Hill Side Down’ to get not only a picture of the other side but hopefully with fewer trees blocking my view.

14:00 Towards Truckee
The train is moving slowly as we continue to climb. The slower speed allowed me to get the picture I wanted when pressing the shutter button. However, I was still dealing with the trees that were closed to the track. It will be fun to sort out the good from the bad after getting back home.

14:30-14:50 At Truckee
Just before we pulled into the station I met the conductor. He saw me taking photos through the cleaner Exit Door Window and gave me permission to open the window as long as I did not stick my head or arms out. This was a no-Brainer, I agreed.

What a difference it makes to not have glass, which was not very clean, between the camera and the external subject. I got about 20 pictures inside and outside of Truckee, the last set as it was time to pack things up for our departure in Reno.

What about all those pictures, where can we see them?

They will be part of a new phone album viewable via the “My Albums => Project 365 => 2020 => January”

I will let you know when the first set is available.

If you can’t wait, all the pictures are on Flickr first. The link is:


Checking in to the Harrah’s Casino Hotel Reno –

Dinner @ The Carvings Buffet – 7:26:02 PST, 45°F Mostly Clear, 201 N Center St, Reno, NV
Tonight was is Seafood and Steak Night. Dianne and Denise loved it, especially Dianne because of the Baby Back Ribs. I only ate a bit from the Chinese menu. However, we made up on recovery our cost by eating at least that much of the dessert which was good.

Reno @ Night – 21:44:19 PST, 43°F Mostly Clear, 233 Lake St, Reno, NV
Before going to bed, Denise noticed the lights outside. We both took some pictures, which was somewhat tricky because of the glare from the window. I am not complaining, better a picture that is not perfect, than none.

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  1. Hello Klaus
    Glad to see that you guys are taking a trip. You deserve it after all the treatments. Was going to call but don’t want to interupt.

    I have started thinking about a number of folks I have not seen in a long while. Miss those times. Worried about Margaret and all the other folks “down under.” Going to reach out to her shortly. Spoke with Agent 99 last week. She sends her best.

    We are headed out of town to Sedona tomorrow for a while. Soon after we return we are traveling to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. ANYTHING to get away from this miserable east coast weather.

    Nancy and I wish you and Diane a wonderful trip. Enjoy and be safe.


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