2020-01-11 Living with Cancer Day 1039

Date: January 10, 2020 at 21:44:05 PST
Weather: 44°F Mostly Clear
Location: 225 Lake St, Reno, Nevada, United States

Reno @ Night – 21:44:05 PST -1 Day, 44°F Mostly Clear, 225 Lake St, Reno, NV
Before going to bed, Denise noticed the lights outside. We both took some pictures, which was somewhat tricky because of the glare from the window. I am not complaining, better a picture that is not perfect, than none.

Getting Up – 07:05:49 PST, 39°F Mostly Clear, 225 Lake St, Reno, NV
I had a very good night sleep. Looking outside Dianne noticed a Full Moon and a Sunrise. I quickly took some pictures of both. Luck was on my side because both moved into each other for a final picture.

Breakfast @ Hash House – 08:33:48 PST, 39°F Partly Cloudy, 209 N Center St, Reno, NV
Made it, have breakfast @ Hash House – A Go Go; Twisted Farm Food. The menu is gigantic, like what you expect from a dinner. It turned out the plates of food were large as well and of good quality.

I always forget that in the US the plate is full, more than one should eat. Since we are here for a short mini-vacation, we can forget the size issue for a day or two. I had their Oatmeal with Fruit and Rye Toast. It was delicious.

This may be a good choice for dinner tonight.

Playing the Slots – 09:35:07 PST, 42°F Partly Cloudy, 201 N Center St, Reno, NV
After breakfast, we went to register me for my awards card, which gives me $10 of starting money. Dianne used my card to turn the $10 into $8.95.

I got myself a wheelchair for the day allowing me to wander around and take hopefully some pictures. The pictures had to wait until the girls were done playing the slots.

Walking through Reno – 10:47:23 PST, 43°F Partly Cloudy, 233 Lake St, Reno, NV
After Dianne and Denise were done with playing the slots, Denise suggested for us to walk to the Nevada Museum of Art. There is a free exhibition about Decorative Arms:
Treasures from the Robert M. Lee Collection.

Denise found a link to the NOTE with a map on my iPhone. According to the map, it would take us less than 15 minutes to get there. We found out after 50 minutes that we did not get guided the shortest route. Asking some locals how to get there, it took us another 5 minutes to arrive at our destination.

The good news Dianne and Denise got their exercise in. In Dianne’s case, her upper arms started to hurt pushing the wheelchair around.

Lunch @ Museum of Art – 12:08:36 PST, 47°F Partly Cloudy, 160 W Liberty St, Reno, NV
After having gone through the Decorative Arms:
Treasures from the Robert M. Lee Collection exhibition, taking a few pictures along the way we enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Museum’ Restaurant. We had combined French Onion Soup, Tuna Sandwich, BLT with Cheezy Fries and a Caesar Salad.

Before returning back to the hotel we agreed that getting here was very simple, all we should have done turn right onto Liberty St walk two blocks, turn left on to Sierra St and go all the way down to Second St, turn right and walk two blocks to the hotel entrance. All in all a 14 minute walk instead of 30 minutes as suggested by Google Maps.

Back and Resting – 14:42:32 PST, 45°F Mostly Cloudy, 225 Lake St, Reno, NV
After having seen using Apple Map that the return was only about 15 minutes and mostly downhill, we went for it. We made a good time until Denise saw a large Antique Store she couldn’t bypass. After a 45 minute stopover, we got back to our hotel room.

I started to watch the Vikings vs 49er game, mostly as background noise, since my main activity was entering the details for today’s blog using the Day One application.

Dinner @ Hash House – 17:32:27 PST, 40°F Partly Cloudy, 209 N Center St, Reno, NV
We liked the breakfast at HH so much we went back for supper. Their menu had so many options it was hard to decide what to have. I decided to go for the HH Corned Beef Sandwich, which is almost like a Reuben. It was very good, but way too much.

Dianne and Denise enjoyed their dinners as well, it was excellent food at a very reasonable price. We could have explored another restaurant, but this morning’s excellent breakfast convinced us to go again for dinner. Most restaurants are catering to this week’s theme of “Seafood and Steak”. We tried that on Friday night, Dianne loved it, except for the dessert, I did not.

After dinner, we went by Starbucks for muffins and scones and the little shop for some Apple Juice to have in the morning. We will have breakfast on the train, but that will much later.

Last Night in Reno – 18:15:08 PST, 37°F Partly Cloudy, 235 Lake St, Reno, NV
Getting back to our room we relaxed and started to slowly figure out what goes where for packing up our things. We did not rush, watching some TV at the same time.