2020-01-22 Living with Cancer Day 1050

Starting the Day – 06:14:01 PST, 48°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Since our appointment was half an hour earlier than that on Saturday, and some non-federal workers had to go to work, we needed to go earlier to UCSF. We got up earlier, as in 6:15. Our goal leave for UCSF not later than 9:30.

After getting downstairs, prepared Breakfast, and took all my medications. My pain level was high, even haven taken Dilaudid now regularly. I rested in my recliner worked on my over-due blog entries and uploading pictures from my SD cards to my laptop.

By 9:00 I got ready for Dianne to pick me up at 9:30. I checked my small man-satchel to have the iPad with the pencil, power adapter, iPhone, and the smaller LUMIX DC-ZS70 included. The goal was to minimize in just taken what might be needed. Since the appointment was a time slot 11:30 – 12:00 for a group of patients, we would be sitting in the waiting room, having the iPad with me this time allows me to do some online stuff.

Dianne came at 9:20 to get our lunch and snacks before we left at 9:30.

On the way to UCSF – 09:20:55 PST, 50°F Partly Cloudy, CA-4 W, Bay Point, CA
We got going with the navigation system predicting an arriving at 10:55 at UCSF MC. Our appointment is set at 11:30, amble time to cover any delays. The start had a delay as we came to Pittsburg and alter again at Bay Point. For the rest of the way, until we got to the Toll Plaza, we had free flow, even thru San Fransisco.

As to taking my four pictures, I used my LUMIX ZS700 and shoot thru the car windows some traffic pictures which is more difficult than I thought it would be. Trying to balance the camera against the unevenness of the road service, aligning it against the subject and trying to keep focus, was not easy. I will have many more opportunities to do it again on our next trip to UCSF. Today’s photos were taken along I-680 between US-242 and US-24.

At UCSF MC Eye Clinic – 11:13:52 PST, 54°F Partly Cloudy, UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, CA
We arrived 25 minutes early at Valet Parking and check-in was completed at 11:15. The vital checkup of the eyes started at 11:55 by Dr. Shahlaee (Charly) and completed at 12:15. After spending 15 minutes in the waiting room we got called into the examining room with Dr. Stuart arriving with his intern team a minute later. He went through his routine of checking our eyes. I answered some questions about pain and what I see with the eye in question.

As to my pain level, I responded with a level of 8. I hope the new pain medication will work, since starting by taking my Breakthrough Dilaudid as ordered every 6 hours, the first round helped to bring the level from a 8 to 6. However today, the level after taking the increase in the Dilaudid from 8 to 12 mg was not helping instead it went from the 8 only to 7. My hope is to get to a 3 or 4 level.

Note: Identifying pain levels is an art. Using emojis is not ideal at the higher level. I familiarized myself with the definition for each level using to different sets of description from two different hospitals.

The last check was to look at the picture of the eye from last Thursday against what he is seeing today.

We then were updated that the lap results and today’s eye examination compared to last Thursday’s pictures were positive. Today’s examination confirmed the CMV virus I got is the one they had expected and started to treat. Further, the treatment did reduce the Inflammation in the right eye, as it has gone down.

Because of the progress no injection today, maybe next week. The eye drops and pills are doing a great jobs and therefore we will continue with them for now. Our next appointment will be next Wednesday, giving us a break from driving to San Francisco every second day.

Going Home – 14:57:19 PST, 59°F Clear, Antioch, CA
We left around 1:30 (13:30) hoping to still have a good traffic flow. We got home by 3:15 with a stopover at Rite Aid to pick up the new prescription subscribed today at UCSF.

The drive was fast for our direction, but looking at the west side traffic, they were more standing still than moving forward. We encounter the same pattern on our Saturday and Monday drive home, not sure what the cause is, since none of the local PRO Sport teams were playing.

Once home, I needed to rest and relax to get my pain level down. Any drive over an hour does increase my shoulder and lower back levels. It is not the car, since both of them have excellent seats and suspension. It is the time that limits the movement of my body to readjust.

Ending the Day – 17:22:41 PST, 55°F Clear, Antioch, CA
We had dinner around 5:00 (17:00) which was grilled chicken with roasted potatoes , zucchini and baked beans. We ended the day as we do most days, resting while watching some TV, mostly of stuff we don’t have to concentrate too much, such as singing or gaming competitions. We did just that today, retiring around 8:45.