2020-01-23 Living with Cancer Day 1051

Last Night – January 22, at 20:05:40 PST, 48°F Clear, Antioch, CA
After submitting yesterday’s blog entry, I had an accident, which did not get recorded as it was too late and the type of accident did not help to make an adjustment to the blog entry.

After getting ready to go to bed, I started to walk up the stairs to our bedroom, after about three steps I remembered that I forgot something and turned around to go back down. As I walk down I miscounted the step I was on, thinking I was down three I actually was on two, causing me to fall down onto my side.

Dianne tried to lift me up but could not do it, she was too weak to help or get me on to my knees. She got Dennis, our big neighbor next door who had no problem getting me up. Denise cried and cried, she was so scared. Dianne was just so mad that it happened.

The good news, it was just a small fall, more of big tripping, and nothing was broken other than some bruises.

Starting the Day – 07:30:34 PST, 45°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
After walking up around 6:00 and sending my weather data to Steve at KTVU, I dozed off before getting up around 7:30. Before going downstairs I spend some time in my office to get some of my Lumix camera accessories, now that I decided to use as my main camera the LUMIX DC-FZ80 and as backup the smaller LUMIX DC-ZS70.

I was downstairs around 8:45, made my Breakfast and took my medication before resting. I did feel some discomfort from yesterday’s tripping down the last step of the stairway.`

As it turns out, I spend most of the morning working with Adam from Day One on the sync problem. We solved it around lunchtime. It took a bit longer because of working with three devices just required more testing and checking. I just love using Day One, it makes it so much easier to keep track of your daily activities and helps with the final text for my blog.

The Lazy Afternoon – 13:30:57 PST, 55°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
For lunch, I heated up an Indian Madras Lentils Soup from Tasty Bite. The soup has a little kick to it, but being a lentil soup lover, this one is one of the better commercial prepared soups. BTW, nothing beats Dianne’s Lentil Soup. Tasty Bite has an assortment of soups that have an Indian touch to it. My second choice is their Indian Entree Vegetable Tikka Masala, which I plan to have tomorrow.

I spend the afternoon trying to sort out if I had uploaded all my January photos so far. However, I was not able to concentrate because either dozing off or the pain would breakthrough for a short period of time. The afternoon became a very lazy one.

End of Day – 17:34:01 PST, 52°F Overcast, Antioch, CA
For dinner, Dianne and Denise prepared homemade Gyros. They used TraderJoe’s Gyro meat, pitas, and Tzatziki sauce. In addition, we have our choice of potato chips, multi-grain sun chips or snacks.

After our dinner we watched some TV before going to bed to call it a day.