2020-01-30 Living with Cancer Day 1058

2020-01-30 Living with Cancer Day 1058

Healthwise, this being the 4th day of the new treatment, the main side effect is dozing off and dizziness. As to the pain locations and levels, no change from the days before. I can walk with the cane for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the activity. If I move around too much my lower backstops me from doing more. For now, I can live with it, hoping I can make the adjustment that will help in the elimination or at least reducing the side effects.

Getting Up – 07:55:07 PST, 45°F Partly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I woke up around 6:00 to prepare my weather report for Steve at KTVU. We had a small Twitter exchange about how long the “good” weather will last, Steve’s suggestion is until Saturday. That will give me three days of outdoor landscape opportunities. The rest of my time, before getting up, was to browse the news.

Downstairs – 08:30:06 PST, 46°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Getting downstairs I prepared my breakfast and took all my morning medication, which is quite a large number of pills. I am so happy that Dianne is on top of it when to take what. I could not do it without using events in my calendar program.

Around 9:30 I call Dean but got no answer. I continue resting for now, since the new treatment started I am sweating after being active up for about 2-3 hours.

I finally got a hold of Dean and we agreed to take some pictures of Mount Diablo from a higher location for a better perspective. I had two locations in mind.

Off for a Camera Shoot – 10:45:11 PST, 54°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
Before leaving for the first location, we checked on the current visibility of the mountain. The mountain looked very clear with a nice background and one cloud slightly to the right in the foreground. I got existed for the opportunity for a great composition.

By the time we approached the first location, we noticed that the sky started to change from clear too partly cloudy, slowly covering the mountain. By the time we arrived at the location, the mountain was totally covered by clouds, including the foothills.

We drove around to see if we could catch a view that showed part of the foothills and mountain. No such luck. I finally gave in on catching Mount Diablo. Since we were close to the entrance to Contra Loma Park, I took some pictures of the foothills within the bordering Black Diamond Park.

Lunch Time – 12:05:57 PST, 55°F Mostly Cloudy, Antioch, CA
I got home just in time for taking my antibiotics medication and assemble what I needed during my Zometa infusion at 3:00 (15:00). Dianne told me that it will only be around 40 minutes for the infusion, which helped as I only had taken my iPhone and digital pen to work on my mail and blog.

For lunch I heated up some Cheddar Broccoli soup, eating it with a slice of Sourdough bread. Afterward, I rested since rushing around took some energy. Checking on the time, I had about 90 minutes left, including too clean up, putting out what I need to take and getting dressed. This left me about an hour for working on some other stuff. It turned out the other stuff became a little sleep.

Off to the Cancer Center – 14:30:39 PST, 63°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Dianne was a bit late to pick me up. Since the Cancer Center is less than 10 minutes away, it was no problem. We arrived, with time to spare, for our appointment.

After a short waiting period, we ended up in the Infusion area, for me to get setup. After checking my vitals and preparing the Infusing port, my blood was drawn for the CBC table. My numbers look ok for admitting Zometa. However, the and Platelet counts went down from the week before. My guess is that the first three days of the new treatment are accountable for this small reduction in the account. We will know more on the coming Monday.

Since it takes time to get the Zometa from the in-house pharmacy, I used my iPhone and digital pen to work on my mail and blog. I admit doing this for the first time, it turned out very well, especially using the Day One app that syncs across my three devices I use, depending where I am and what I do.

The infusion of the Zometa did only take about 25 minutes. Overall it took about an hour before we left for home.

Back Home – 16:30:06 PST, 63°F Clear, Antioch, CA
After getting home, it was almost dinner time. Denise surprised us by having stopped at Habit Burger Grill for three Salads, mine was the Santa Barbara Cobb one. I had a hard time staying awake to eat all of my salad.

After having finished my salad, I tried to continue to work on my blog entry, but instead I fell asleep. Dianne suggested to go upstairs to bed before I will not be able to do so. I just did that!

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  1. Hi Klaus! I’ve been enjoying your blog posts. Sorry about cloudy Mt. Diablo! Can you include a link to your photos?

    1. Dear Vicky, I still have to upload the photos before I can link them. The problem I have is time, with all those appointments and unscheduled events, I just am short on time. However, there is light on the end of the tunnel, as today is the first day I actually have some time to work on the photos.

      1. Vicky, I started today uploading my pictures. I hope to contiue to do so and add the missing ones. However, it will take some time.

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