2020-02-05 Living with Cancer Day 1064

2020-02-05 Living with Cancer Day 1064

Today was a bad day. My pain levels were high after getting up, especially my lower back went to level 8, resting got it back 1, as to my shoulder pain level went from 3 to a 5. This went all day long that way. I did not get much done, thanks to my chemo brain, many tasks needed to repeated a few times.

Tweet to Steve – 06:14:03 PST, 34°F Clear, Antioch, CA
This was twitter to Steve, in addition to my regular weather data.

Weather for (KCAANTIO65) — via WunderStation by Weather Underground.

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This Morning – 08:00:12 PST, 37°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Nothing special for the first part of the morning, sending weather data to Steven, get up around 8:00, downstairs at 8:45 to have breakfast and take my medication by 9:00.

Waking up the pain level was 1 for my back and a 3 for my shoulder. After getting up the shoulder pain for my lower back rose quickly to level 8, my shoulder at a level 5. Resting brings the levels back to 1 and 3.

Before going upstairs I started an online chat with AT&T to resolve my login issue, it took over an hour, completing the chat being downstairs after my breakfast.

Checking with Dean, we went to the AT&T store in Walnut Creek to check out the new iPhones, but they did not have any since the day before they were robbed. We left and since we were on the other side of Mount Diablo, we drove through the area to find a good location. However, we did not, the location we visited should have been perfect, except man-made hills or fences behind the homes blocked most of the good view.

As an alternative, I took some pictures in Dean’s garden taken picture of his Lemon Tree. Afterward, I went home as it was lunchtime.

Lunch and More – 11:55:17 PST, 54°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I got home just in time for Lunch. I warmed up yesterday’s leftover, Dianne’s Mother recipe for the Cheese Macaroni Casserole with some tea biscuits, it still tasted good after the second warmup.

My lower back pain had reached its highest level, requiring me to rest immediately. For most of the early afternoon, I got nothing done, I was not able to concentrate on anything, falling behind with my tasks.

I had to update my calendar with new entries 3 times before I got it right, the same was true for some address book changes.

I also started to get ready for my visit to KTVU tomorrow morning.

Around 4:00 I finally got my mind back on track, just in time for working on my blog entry.

Dinner and more – 17:07:15 PST, 59°F Clear, Antioch, CA
For dinner I had a half Tuna Sandwich, it was very good.

Not much more to write, after dinner, I continued working on today’s posting watching TV in the background. After posting it I rested watching TV until it is time to retire.

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  1. I’m sorry about your pain levels Klaus 😔. I like the new look for your blog though and I’m super excited to hear about your experience on your weather tour!!

    1. See today’s entry. Sorry, you have to wait a bit longer for the report and all those pictures.

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