2020-02-11 Living with Cancer Day 1070

2020-02-11 Living with Cancer Day 1070

Today was not a bad day, pain levels were god for most of the day, and that falling asleep was kept to a minimum which allowed me to do yesterday’s report as well. However, I did hope to get another article on my backlog, which issue with concentration did not help me to do so.

Getting Up – 07:58:46 PST, 50°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Nothing special this morning in getting up, getting dressed, going downstairs, having breakfast and taking my medication.

My pain level was a bit high this morning, but back down after resting. At 9:00 I got ready for meeting with Dean.

At the Car Dealer – 09:15:01 PST, 57°F Clear, All-Star Hyundai, Pittsburg, CA
Dean picked me up at 9:15 to take Denise’s car in for service. We were told that it would take an hour or more. I visited the car salesroom looking at the few cars that were there. Since the choices were little, I followed Dean to their car lot to see what they had in stock. Again the choices were little, missing the high-end versions for each model.

I received a phone call at 10:55 That the car was ready for pickup. After checking out we went back home.

Back Home and Lunch – 11:46:42 PST, 64°F Clear, Antioch, CA
We got back home from the car dealer around 11:30. Before preparing lunch I spend 15 minutes resting, the walking around, the dealers large parking lot for at least 20 minutes did raise my pain levels quit a bit.

After my small nap, I prepared my lunch, which was Annie Chun’s Korean-Style Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl that I got at Daiso, the Japanese Dollar store. The noodles were a bit spicy but excellent.

The Rest of the Afternoon – 13:51:09 PST, 72°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Dinner was ready around 5:30, After lunch, I started to work on the yesterday’s entry, followed by starting the backlog of entries. However I started to have a problem with my concentration, I therefore only completed yesterday’s entry.

I started to watch some TV until it was time to retire.