2020-02-19 Living with Cancer Day 1078

2020-02-19 Living with Cancer Day 1078

Today was a busy and good day. Pain-wise the increase in the breakthrough pain killer lowered the overall pain levels and therefore help with some tasks and activities. Also the lack of dizziness today was great. As to moving forward with the treatment, I will change to an IV based one, but not until my WBC and Platelet numbers meet the need for the requirement. Hopefully, this will be very soon.

Morning – 07:30:05 PST, 39°F Clear, Antioch, CA
I awoke around 6:30 to quickly collect this morning’s weather data and send it to Steve at KTVU. AFTER THAT I dozed off again to get up at 7:30. I did my morning chores and got downstairs by 8:15. I had a short FaceTime call at 9:00 with Ray.

At the start of the FaceTime call, I called Dean to check on our plans after my Doctor appointment, it turned out he had a call to help a friend in need. Dianne picked me up around 9:40 for our 10:00 clock Lab Draw and Followup appointment with my Oncology Doctor. I’m was back home by 11:00.

My pain levels were as expected not much change from yesterday, shoulder at a level 6, no lower pain until the end of any activity that lasted longer than 10 minutes than it ended up at level 8. Also, I had no dizziness or stomach issues.

Lunch – 11:00:35 PST, 55°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Getting back from my appointment, I texted Ray a summary of the outcome. In short: the current treatment is stopped, a start a new treatment will be via IV ASAP. We need to wait until my WBC and Platelet numbers are up to meet the new treatment requirements. I got an injection to bust my WBC, will get two more, each one tomorrow and Friday morning.

After texting and addressing my rough skin around my thumb, I started with my next task to check how to best transfer photos from an old iPhone 4S to a Memory Stick, I had to cut my research short so that I could prepare my lunch and eat it.

I continue afterward with checking on the best way to transfer photos from old iPhones to a memory stick.

Afternoon – 13:06:10 PST, 63°F Clear, Antioch, CA
It turns out the best way to transfer old photos from Denise’s old iPhone 4S to a Memory Stick is first to my MacBook and from there to a Memory Stick. To do so I have to use the iCaputue Image application on my MacBook. The good news it worked, I was able to transfer 13GB of 4500+ pictures to a 16GB memory stick in about 3 hours.

I did not use my laptop during that time and instead, I used my iPad to work on my morning and lunch posting, showing how well the Day One application works across my Apple devices.

My shoulder pain has gone down to a pain level 4, Moderate Pain, which is good news.

Evening – 17:00:50 PST, 57°F Clear, Antioch, CA
Most of the evening was spend preparing Denise’s new iPhone 11 to be upgraded from iPhone 7. I also factory reset Denise’s old iPad to be sent to my brother-in-law in Canada since his very old MacBook Pro gave up.

Yes, we had dinner and watched some TV as background noise, until it was time to call it a day.